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In Canada You Must Take Test

“Canadian residents will be required to correctly answer a time-limited skill testing question in order to claim a prize.”

I’m not going to pretend I understand that. Apparently if you want to enter this sweepstakes AND you live in Canada you must take a test to claim your prize.  Someone pointed this out to me and I want to see this test. I want to know why! It’s probably not even worth answering but for some reason it is plaguing me this morning.

I’ve been up since 7:30 shooting the shit online and feeling shakey and like I should be doing something but I can’t seem to move from the couch and the computer.

I don’t know if I’ve jumped into new levels of lame with my new Supernatural fan blog and Twitter that Katherine and I have started, but I’m actually not even trying to care because I love this show. I want to marry this show and have little baby shows about demons and ghosts and monsters all over the place.

I have decided I really don’t like my blog layout. I don’t know what to do about it because I don’t want to make one and I can’t afford to pay for one. So probably this will be changing constantly while I go through the available pre-made ones until I’m sorta happy with it. I think the reason I can’t even update anymore is I’m so meh about the way it looks that I have no desire to stare at it or inflict it’s ugly on everyone else.

Anyways. I think I should use this pent up energy I’m shaking with on something productive like, cleaning my dining room and finishing a trophy I am making. Before I leave, since I seem to have neglected to show off my latest craft project:

The Baby Bits Bookends



Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

I love TV! 

Last night on the paranormal state I watched this lady, in Maine, was unable to go into her house because the energy, or something, was so awful. Her dog would freak out and refused to go upstairs in the house and then refused to even come in the house. So they are poking around and interviewing former owners and all of the former owners dogs had been killed on the road, not just one or two, but ALL of them. Then they brought in Chip the Big Gay Psychic and he was like I see the name....MARGARET. Then, OH THEN, they are walking around the woods at 3 AM and they find this grave in the back that says MARGARET on it, it wasn't hers but it had her name so Chip the Big Gay Psychic is like OOOOOOH I RULE! Totally, he was so smug it made me throw up a little. Come to find out this old crone Margaret had lived in the house previously and her man friend would kill the neighborhood dogs with a big stick that had a nail in it [psycho, maybe?]. So he's feeling pretty much like the king of the world, and he decides to channel the spirits in the house and he's crying and acting all crazy and then when he snaps out of it he says, 'it's in the woods', so they trek out there and find a grave that's marked only with stones. So they dig down pretty deep and find this blue tarp with a decapitated dog in there, it's still juicy and everything. So everyone is flipping out because they had to dig so far down and tree roots had grown over the body, which I will admit is pretty nuts since it takes YEARS for that to happen and the dog shouldn't have been so fresh [though I also admit I know nothing about the decomposition rates in Maine soil], so they bless it and plant St Michaels at all four corners of the property. The End. Everyone lived happily ever after and the house was free from the dogs restless spirit. The lady sold the house though.

Everything spooky happens in Maine it seems. Stephen...Steven...Steve-o King [I should know how to spell his name!!!!] knows his shit, basing 99.9% of all scary things there.

Hey, Yo! I always forget to update!

The other night I was watching CSI: New York at Lauren’s house and I was having such a hard time following the plot line because every forty seconds we were introduced to some new and implausible piece of technology THAT DOESN’T EXIST.


crap! I just had the weirdest sensation.  I'm sitting here at work, minding my own business, "working" at the mandatory overtime we have tonight and suddenly I feel someone blowing on my ear...only there is no one there. I'm creeped out and thrilled all at once. 
 Because I just started my nervous anticipation of meeting one of the cutest boys alive in two weeks he will be the Daily Daniel today....

Damn. How long since I last updated here? I used to be good at this stuff....

Shakespeare got out again. I'm going to staple him to the deck.


I’m going to pull out all my hair today. I can’t take it. I’m not trying to sound like a whiney baby but sorta I am. Not only do I feel totally immoral about my job, but they are also annoying the freaking crap out of me. Every time the phone rings I go a little bit more insane. By the end of today I’m sure I’ll be drooling all over myself and possibly talking to my toes like they will talk back. Actually that sounds pretty fun. As if all that wasn’t enough, I keep getting e-mails from my supervisor telling me all the things I just did that were wrong. Ummmmmmmmm….seriously? I’m in kindergarten only I get paid for it and I’m angrier and I can buy booze legally and I don’t get a nap unless I go hide in the bathroom. Oh but if I do that well I get an e-mail asking why I wasn’t at my desk for a whole five minutes. I’m running away. They’ll never find me. I might leave little clues, maybe a shoe or a drawing of me fork stabbing myself.

I just got a pimple. I’m not even joking, it wasn’t there 30 minutes ago. This is the stress I’m under!


Yeah. That’s right. I said it.

Now I have to go draw a smiley face for someone because they are having a bad day. Where’s my fracking smiley face, huh? HUH? 

Hahah! Because it's all so true!!

Which Black Books Character Are You?

Wednesday (x+2)= Friday! Or maybe not.

I guess I should have clarified, when I previously stated that I wanted to tongue kiss Harry Potter, what I really meant to say was I want to seriously make out with the whole franchise. The books, the movies, every single one of the Weasley’s, and Alan Rickman…ahem. What? My total dorkness has clouded any criticism with the book or movie, well except for the very end of the book which reminded me just a little bit of fan fiction, I think it’s the happy ending thing, or maybe it was because they named their son Albus. This for some reason reminds me in a totally unrelated way about this fan fiction I once read where Hermoine and Snape have a baby and they name it whatever the word Sun in Greek is and then the kid talks to Chipmunks. I don’t know why I felt the need to share that, or why it suddenly popped into my mind because it’s probably the worst bit of garbage I’ve ever read and actually reminds me not at all of the Harry Potter books. 


I’m a little bit loony today. I have no idea what’s going on and I can’t seem to focus for more than a few seconds at a time. It seems to be a reoccurring theme when I’m at work. Unfocused and in a blah mood, then after work it’s happy, happy time. This is very convenient because I started back to school and if I felt poopy I’d end up skipping and that would defeat the purpose of restarting my college career. I have more motivation now though; I hate my job enough but still need it enough to know that I have to do something to get a better position.


Wow. I’m bored with all this crap I’m writing. Blah, blah, blah! Who cares?


I wanted to post pictures but I suck and forgot to upload them. Also, I’m a little sick of this blog and the layout and everything. I think it’s time for some changes…


I think it’s time for break!


Dear Lauren-


You’ll get your entry, I promise.





P.S.- Thanks for the uh…gift?